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Grossmont (CA)

Game One

September 6, 2024  5:00 pm

Mascot: Dons

5555 Del Mar Heights Rd
San Diego, CA 92130

Head Coach: Ryan Weigand

The first game of the 2024 Honor Bowl will be the home game of Host Cathedral Catholic matched up to play Grossmont

The Cathedral Catholic Ladies Flag Football team was 13-3 in their first full season and are prepped for another tough year with the chance to open for the CCHS Dons Varsity in the 2024 Honor Bowl! HC Ryan Wiegand jumped at the opportunity to participate in The Honor Bowl and knows this game will have a red circle on the schedule! Top returners on the Offense: QB Sina Talataina (34 TDs), RBs Olivia Deanda and Sienna Willard, WRs Amy Cavellier and Kyle O’Donnell. On the Defense: CBs Kylie Such and Grace Naughton + S Alexandra Long.

Manchester Stadium will be rocking during this first of two Lady’s Flag football games in the Honor Bowl!


2024 SoCal Game One matchup
Alexandra Long S
Amy Cavellier WR
Grace Naughton CB
Kyla O'Donnell WR
Kylie Such CB
Kyla O'Donnell WR
Sienna Willard RB
Sina Talataina QB
Tai Blabac LB